Permanent Hair Extensions

The Pros and Cons of Getting Permanent Hair Extensions

Have you ever heard of permanent hair extensions? Of course, it’s everywhere now. You have friends with full, long, thick and lush hair, while yours is thin and limp. I know how you feel every day walking side by side with them.

The confidence is lost, the feeling is uncomfortable, and of course, you would have tried a lot of home and salon remedies for healthy-looking hair. I have been in that condition once, but I found a way to look like my friends in the lush hair category, “Permanent hair Extension.”

Don’t give up on your quest for long and thick hair, permanent hair extensions have come to your rescue. It helps you fake that confidence and comfortability of your dream without looking unnatural.

Whether this is your first time knowing about permanent hair extensions or you are planning to have one already, this article will help you discover all you need to know about Permanent hair extensions.

What are Permanent Hair Extensions?

Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent hair extensions are an artificial attachment of hair using micro rings or bonds to secure it for long-lasting use.

Artificial hair can be 100% natural human hair or synthetic hair. Although it is called permanent hair, it doesn’t mean the artificial hair sticks forever to the hair, but because of its long-lasting duration.

Permanent hair extensions are a solution to the problem of thin and short hair and the everyday installation of hair extensions.

Normal hair extensions look unnatural due to the presence of a net, and they detach after each use. Although this type of hair last longer, it can be stressful to do on and off.

Different methods can install permanent hair extensions; some use bond installation, while others use micro rings, clips, etc.

These methods serve different lifestyles, duration, hair types and budgets. To choose the best for you, it is necessary to know the type of installation, the maintenance required and the duration.

Here are the four types of Permanent hair extensions:

#1) Tape in

Permanent Hair Extensions

This is one of the easiest lightweight, comfortable hair extensions lasting 4-6 weeks. They are attached to the natural hair by glue tape method, laying the natural hair in between the two tapes. This permanent hair extension type can be seen as semi-permanent due to its lasting duration.

Tape in method can be maintained since it’s reusable after 4-6 weeks of installation, and the hair growth tends to push down the tape in, so meeting with a salon specialist to reapply it closer to the scalp will enable it last longer.

This method requires lesser time to install, it is reusable and lays so flat on the hair. Due to its strength, this method can be affected by an oily scalp. If you have an oily scalp, stay far away from this method.

#2) Keratin-tips

Permanent Hair Extensions

Keratin tips, known as K-tips, require much time and patience to install, but the final result is worth the stress. The k-tips technique is done by gluing a small part of your natural hair with the extension, and it is further twisted with keratin and heating that bonds cluster together.

This method has a lasting duration of 6 months. Keratin tips can adapt to heat and oily scalp, are a good option for a busy lifestyle, and are very comfortable and lightweight.

Note that this type of permanent hair extension is not reusable but can be reinstalled twice yearly with proper maintenance.

#3) I-tips

Permanent Hair Extensions

This type of permanent hair extension is a bit similar to keratin tips, but it lasts 10-12 months longer, and keratin is not involved in the installation.

This method does not require glue or heat adhesive instead, the natural hair is woven through the extension, and a copper-coated bead is used to secure the end. The I-tips method is very comfortable, safe, lightweight and Can be reused.

Although this method lasts almost a year, it has side effects in 4-6 weeks. The beads grow away from the scalp and occur at intervals. All you need to do at that point is to visit the salon to reapply the beads close to the scalp.

#4) Sew-in

Permanent Hair Extensions

This is another method, type or technique of permanent hair extensions, although it might seem complicated because of its installation method. It requires a professional installation where I combined the I-tips and a weft of hair extensions.

This method is achieved by braiding the natural hair and extensions together. It has a lasting duration of 6 to 12 months.

This technique works perfectly for all hair types and also gives full coverage. Like I-tips, sew-in can be maintained by repositioning after 4 to 6 weeks intervals.

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What are Permanent Hair Extensions made of?

This is one of the regular questions here and there, but not to worry, I got it. These permanent hair extensions are not magic. The hairs are made from either 100% human or synthetic hair (Fibre hair).

These hair extensions serve their purpose, but for a more natural, stress-free, and lasting extension, 100% human hair is preferred. Natural human hair creates that rich, healthy-looking hair, while synthetic hair looks fake and easy to tangle and damage.

Human hair can be colored, stretched and rolled to style differently, while synthetic hair doesn’t provide that opportunity.

Maintaining synthetic hair is very stressful but would only be preferred if you are looking at a low budget or a short-term hair duration. Knowing these will help you in your choice for your permanent hair extension.

Maintainance of Permanent Hair Extensions

How are Permanent hair extensions maintained and cared for? Let’s discuss that. Before venturing into permanent hair extensions, learning how to care for them and the dos and don’ts of maintaining good-looking and lasting hair is necessary. These will also prevent them from damage and removal.

#1. Air dry your hair: “Do not blow dry” this could be the right term to use instead, blow drying weakens the glue, makes the hair sticky and even promotes hair removal.

Permanent hair extensions require adequate washing and air drying time for a long-lasting extension. Although some type of extension, such as sew-in, accepts blow drying because it does not require glue in the laying.

#2. Tie your hair in loose braids. It is very important to know that tangling is quite a bad deal, endeavour to tieing your hair in a loose braid before going to bed. You can also pack the hair in a loosed bun or invest in a satin or silk pillowcase. All these will prevent your hair from tangling.

#3. Use a good leave-in conditioner. A good leave-in conditioner will maintain the healthy look of the hair, it Maintains shines. Applying a leave-in conditioner after hair wash will aid in lasting permanent hair extensions.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent hair extensions are seen as a solution to flexing healthy, full and beautiful hair. With all its flexibility, knowing the advantages and disadvantages to expect while making your plans is good. This section will enumerate all pros and cons of permanent hair extensions.

Pros (Advantages)

  • Permanent hair extensions add volume to your hair.
  •   Permanent hair extensions are long-lasting and will help you stay off the salon.
  •   It can come in any shade, style and colour based on your choice.
  •   Permanent hair extensions are lightweight with a natural look.
  •   The colour and length can be changed anytime, requiring no commitment.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Permanent hair extensions cost a lot, especially if you are looking for quality and long-lasting hair.
  •   Maintainance is relatively high
  •   Permanent hair extensions are sometimes noticeable when not done right
  •   It can cause damage to the natural hair when poorly managed.
  •   It can retard the growth of natural hair if not fixed properly.

How long do permanent hair extensions last?

Permanent hair extensions can last as long as 6 to 12 months. This is dependent on the extension type and method of fixing.

It is also dependent on the specialist and your maintenance. When properly maintained, the extension can stay longer than the duration.

Can you wash your hair with Extensions?

Yes, you can wash your hair with extension, but follow due process to avoid weakening the bonds or slipping off the beads used. Also, use lukewarm water.

What type of shampoo should I use to wash my hair with extensions?

It is necessary to note the kind of shampoo used. Not all shampoos are food for natural hair.

In conclusion

It is not okay to have bad hair, but with permanent hair extensions, the shame is sealed. These hair extensions have helped many young women regain their confidence in healthy living, celebrities, fashionistas and models also use this technique without you noticing.

These hair extensions last longer and do not damage hair growth, only when not fixed properly. Also, investing in a good hair specialist will enable the best quality.

Remember, beauty is not just facial and skin but all you see, including your hair. Make it look beautiful while you can.

Glow right!

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