Facial Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Effective Facial Treatment for Sensitive Skin: What Works Best?

Do you have sensitive skin but do not know how to care for it? This article will help you determine the facial treatment for sensitive skin and possible ways to its maintenance.

Some people keep asking, “how to know if you have sensitive skin?” well, sensitive skin cannot be diagnosed by any doctor. Still, how your skin receives and reacts to skincare and cosmetics products such as soap, makeups, creams, moisturizers, etc., and other entity in contact with the skin answers it all.

Sensitive skin can be generally described as very prone to inflammation and skin damage. This may vary from skin to skin, and some react highly to cosmetics products, while others react to environmental changes such as fabrics, bathing water, food, dust etc.

Sensitive skin generally reacts to chemicals, fragrances, and dyes in contact with the skin.

For sensitive skin on the face, a soothing process is used to eliminate the things causing inflammation. It is very common to experience this skin damage on the face rather than other parts of the skin. To avoid this damage or treat the existing one, continue with me!

Facial Treatment suitable for sensitive skin

Facial Treatment for Sensitive Skin

When your skin is highly prone to inflammation or sensitive skin, you may be worried about getting a beauty treatment like facials, fillers or any rejuvenating therapy.

This fear can uphold because of getting further inflammation or damage. Facial treatment for sensitive skin can reduce inflammation, improve complexion, and boost skin immunity. The great news is there are numerous facials treatments suitable for sensitive skin.

First, a person with sensitive skin needs to see an experienced dermatologist or esthetician for a skin analysis and the best result. Below are some of the facial treatments for sensitive skin:

  • Aqua Peel
  •  Dermal fillers
  •  Cryotherapy Facial

Aqua peel

Facial Treatment for Sensitive Skin

This is a good facial treatment for sensitive skin. Aqua peek, as the name implies, is peel-based water. Well, aqua peel utilizes a water base exfoliating gel and a suction device to eliminate dead cells from the skin while floating the skin with moisture.

This peel is often combined with active natural ingredients that are very mild and non-inflammatory such as hydrating hyaluronic acid and botanicals.

Aqua peel results in smooth, even tone and glowing skin, which requires little to zero healing time. A sensitive skin person can adopt this exfoliation process to prevent inflammation caused by harsh acids and exfoliants.

Dermal fillers

Facial Treatment for Sensitive Skin

This is another facial treatment very suitable for sensitive skin. Dermal fillers are injections put into the skin to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and help the skin heal.

It is very safe for every skin type and the most delicate part of the skin. Dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid are the most suitable for sensitivity, although several others exist.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally contained in the skin. Introducing this same substance artificially poses minimal side reactions due to its familiarity with the skin cells.

Using dermal fillers for sensitive skin facial treatment helps skin recover and hydrate properly.

Cryotherapy Facial

Facial Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Cryotherapy Facial is another important or suitable facial treatment for sensitive skin. It involves using liquid nitrogen to attain a glowy, youthful and even skin appearance. This cold nitrogen soothes and calms your sensitive skin.

Undergoing cryotherapy facial for sensitive skin helps tighten the pores and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Cryotherapy Facial is a skin rejuvenating therapy suitable for all skin types which aims at improving all kinds of skin issues, such as enlarged pores, poor skin tone and texture, poor skin hydration etc.

What facial treatments are best for sensitive skin?

While looking out for sensitive skin facial treatment, ensure to go for hydration and soothing treatments. They are the best facial treatments for sensitive skin. 

Also, look out for the best constituents like hyaluronic acid, botanical and mandelic acid. 

These constituents should be able to exhibit a hydrating and soothing feel on the skin for the best treatment.

How can I do a facial at home for sensitive skin?

There are suitable home remedies for sensitive skin. While at home, you can use natural ingredients like aloe Vera gel, honey, sugar scrub, turmeric etc.

The procedure to achieve a good facial for sensitive skin includes:

1. Cleansing with a very mild cleanser
2. Exfoliating with a hydrating exfoliant suitable for sensitive skin followed by a gentle massage
3. Gentle steaming
4. Masking
5. Toning
6. Moisturising

Is facial harmful for sensitive skin?

Proper facial treatment for sensitive skin can produce a soothing and hydrating result for some people. In order hand, chemical exfoliants and harsh skincare can cause harm to the facial skin.

This is why it’s advisable for a person with sensitive skin to always test new skin products on the indistinct part of the skin before use.

Can sensitive skin be reversed?

Sensitive skin can equally be treated and reversed. If you are battling with sensitive skin, intensive care is required to treat it.

You should consult an experienced dermatologist or esthetician for advice and recommendations to achieve this result.

In conclusion

Sensitive skin is a major skin concern that shouldn’t be joked with. Not caring for sensitive or worried skin care can lead to major problems like heavy breakouts, acne, uneven appearance, dull skin etc.

Necessary consultants from an experienced dermatologist or skin care therapist should follow these facial treatments for sensitive skin. Avoid harsh exfoliants, use fragrance-free soaps and laundry detergent, and also avoid scrubbing your face so harshly and pat your skin dry with soft towels after showering for a better skin experience.

Glow right!!

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