Why is my skin Itchy After Microneedling

Why is my skin Itchy After Microneedling: Find out the 3 Main Reasons

Why is my skin itchy after microneedling? This is a reoccurring question from individuals who have undergone microneedling. Imagine undergoing a skin rejuvenating procedure only for you to experience this maddening itch; it can be frustrating and annoying.

You’re excited about the promise of smoother, radiating, and younger-looking skin after this process, only for this unexpected happening. It’s not definitely the result you are hoping for, or instead, you might wonder if you’ve made a terrible mistake.

Not to worry; you are not alone. Itchy skin is one of the post-treatment symptoms of microneedling. What causes it? Is it a natural occurrence? Does it have a remedy? Well, in this article, we are going to delve into the mysteries of microneedling and uncover the reasons why your skin itchs.

Take a bottle of water as we take you to discover what’s really going on beneath the surface of your skin. Let’s delve in;

What is Microneedling?

Why is my skin Itchy After Microneedling

Microneedling is a popular cosmetic procedure that uses tiny sterilized needling for the purpose of rejuvenating the skin. It’s a minimally invasion treatment that helps to improve the skin appearance by enhancing the production of collagen and elastin.

It is done by using tiny sterilized needles to create a microscopic puncture on your skin’s surface. A dermatologist or skin specialist often performs microneedling in a few cases. These punctures might sound intimidating, but they are incredibly small, almost invisible scars.

This puncture does magic to your skin; by trying to heal itself, it enhances collagen and elastin production, two proteins responsible for giving the skin its youthful, firm, smooth, and radiant appearance.

Microneedling can be carried out on various parts of the body, including the face, neck, hands, back, and chest, to essentially treat skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, skin texture, uneven skin tone, and general signs of aging.

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Understanding the skin reaction

Understanding how your skin reacts to microneedling treatment is the first part of understanding the whole process of the treatment. The first thing that happens to your skin during microneedling is those microscopic punctures. I use the term microscopic for you to understand how tiny it is.

Your skin receives these signals not as a skin concern or problem but as minor damage to be fixed. This puncture triggers the natural healing mechanism, making your skin produce the vital skin proteins collagen and elastin to help the healing process.

While collagen helps the healing process, elastin helps improve the skin elasticity. Over time, these effect leads to the disappearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, scars, etc, leading to a more radiant, youthful, smoother skin complexion.

This whole process might leave your skin slightly red and warm feeling, sometimes tender, and yes, they are all positive signs of the microneedling procedure. Understanding this reaction is key to appreciating the process and its benefits. So, what causes the skin to itch after some time?

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Why is my skin Itchy After Microneedling?

There can be several factors that commonly cause itching after microneedling. This is the question of the day, so let’s look into it keenly.

Microscopic injury from the needles

Why is my skin Itchy After Microneedling

The number one factor that causes itchiness is the injury or wounds from the thousands of controlled punctures in your skin. Although these punctures trigger the effectiveness of the process, one of the natural reactions of skin to injury includes itching.

As the body sends signals to increase the blood flow and accelerate the healing process, itchiness occurs. Know that this reaction is only temporary and shows a positive sign of health, but post-treatment care or regime can help reduce this itching to the minimum.

Skin Dryness of Dehydration

Dehydration is the second factor that causes the skin to itch after microneedling. After the microneedling procedure, the skin is open, and this speeds up the rate of water loss by the skin. When this happens, the skin begins to itch.

This factor is controlled by always staying hydrated, avoiding products that can cause further water loss, and investing in a well-planned skincare routine, of which moisturizer must be part. Following the procedure given to you by your dermatologist will help combat this issue.

Product Sensitivity

Some of the products we use prior to or after the microneedling procedure can be another factor that triggers the skin to itch after microneedling. It is crucial to use gentle, non-irritating skincare products before and after the process.

This factor can also be controlled evenly. Before you think of undergoing this procedure, it is crucial to understand what your skin is going to pass through and feed it with proper ingredients. Consult with a professional to carry you through the process that is, the pre-treatment care and post-treatment care.

Ensure you follow the procedures given to you by your professional so as to reduce the after-effects to its minimum.

Understanding these common causes of itchiness after microneedling will help you address the post-treatment symptoms effectively. Note that itching skin is a sign that your skin is healing and rejuvenating itself; it’s no cause for alarm.

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When to be concerned

Not all itchiness that occurs after microneedling is common. It is essential to understand the healing process and when to meet a doctor for your skin’s safety. While the itchiness is a harmless side effect, these instances will warrant more careful assessment.

Why is my skin Itchy After Microneedling
  1. Intense and Persistent Itchiness: While some level of itchiness is average after the microneedling procedure, if it becomes intense and persistent, it can be a sign of adverse effect, and it calls for concern. When you notice a prolonged and severe itching, see a doctor immediately. Also, if the itching doesn’t heal after some time, it calls for concern.
  2.  Intense Swelling and Redness: If the itchiness is accompanied by symptoms like severe redness, swelling, intense pain, and discomfort, then it’s called for concern, and you should opt for medical attention.
  3.  Delay Onset of Itchiness: The normal itchiness that accompanies microneedling occurs in the initial hours or after a couple of days after the procedure. But, when this itchiness appears later than expected, it could signify an infection, and immediate measures should be taken.
  4.  Skin sensitivity: If you have pre-existing skin concerns or sensitivities, you need to consult your dermatologist prior to the process to avoid contamination or adverse effects.

In any situation, it’s crucial to reach out to a dermatologist or healthcare professional who administered the microneedling treatment. Remember, even while seeking rejuvenated skin, your well-being and safety should always be prioritized.


In our evolving world, science has taken over, and microneedling has become an increased cosmetic product for younger-looking skin, even skin tone and radiant complexion. Although it’s an invasion treatment, its reactions are a natural process; it stimulates the skin’s essential proteins, collagen, and elastin and, in collaboration, rejuvenates the skin.

Why does my skin itch after microneedling? It happens because of the healing reactions of the injury sustained from the microscopic punctures of the needles, skin dryness or dehydration, and product sensitivity. Your skincare professionals can handle them.

Itchiness is a common side effect that accompanies microneedling, but some cases are called for concern, especially if the itchiness becomes intense and prolonged, swelling and severe redness, etc. At every point, consult with your dermatologist or healthcare professional.

Please avoid uncertified professionals for this procedure to avoid worsening your skin condition. We would appreciate you sharing your thoughts in the comment section. Seek help when necessary.

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How do I stop the itching from microneedling?

Itching is just a common reaction that accompanies microneedling; it can’t be totally stopped but can be handled. Firstly, following the post-treatment prescription from your professional will help soothe the itching.

When you perform a microneedling procedure, it tends to distort your skin’s ability to retain water for some time. During this period, always stay hydrated, take a lot of water, moisturize your skin regularly, and avoid products that will enhance dryness.

Always consult and adhere to your dermatologist’s advice to heal correctly.

Is it normal for skin to itch after microneedling?

Itching is a widespread reaction after microneedling. It signifies the effectiveness of the procedure and occurs in the initial hours or after a couple of days after the microneedling. Although it’s a common reaction, sometimes it might be a case of infection or another adverse effect.

On that note, when the itching becomes severe or accompanied by other severe symptoms, Seek for medical attention.

Why does my face itch after microneedling?

Your face itchs after microneedling due to some common factors. Firstly, when you undergo microneedling, your face sustains injury from the microscopic punctures, and just like common reactions that accompany the wound healing process, your face itchs.

Secondly, after microneedling, your skin needs intense hydration, and when it can’t get enough, it itchs. So always stay hydrated and moisturized prior to and after the treatment.

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